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Verizon swept the table in , earning of possible awards. The difference between those numbers shows that Verizon truly has the best track record for offering its customers a reliable network and satisfying performance across the U. Verizon claims that this technology works by combining multiple wireless connections together to create what amounts to a bigger, stronger channel piping data straight to your phone. And if an unlimited data plan sounds like overkill to you, T-Mobile also has you covered. T-Mobile offers its customers extra perks and features to increase its value.

Best Cell Phone Plans 2019!

Its international plan is unmatched, with text and data in more than countries. Its plans also come with free in-flight texting, one hour of in-flight data use, and a free two-screen subscription to Netflix when you sign up for two lines or more. Be sure to check the network near your address and places you frequent before going all-in with T-Mobile.

Sprint also tends to run numerous half-off promotions that can provide an extra nudge. Sprint goes above and beyond the competition by partnering with four services: Depending on the plan you choose, you can get free subscriptions to Hulu, TIDAL music, Amazon Prime, and Lookout mobile security.

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Justice Department. The merger is not final yet, as the deal still needs to be approved by a federal district court. While this has yet to have an impact on Sprint mobile plans, customers fear that a merger will result in higher monthly bills across the board.

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You can apply filters from the drop-down menu to look at specific providers or at specific types of coverage, like voice versus data. The average smartphone subscriber in North America uses about 7 GB of data per month, according to a June report from information and communications technology group Ericsson up from 3.

If you have several lines to add, look for promotions that take down the price for family plans. Choosing the right MVNO requires knowing which network it uses and whether that network works well where you live.

Unlimited Data Plans: Get Unlimited Talk, Text & Data from Sprint

In other words, these plans are only going to work if you use very little data. Often seniors live alone with friends and family only coming to visit intermittently if at all. A cell phone can make it easier for these people — even if they have medical needs — to reach help and assistance if they need it.

It can be the difference between feeling trapped at home and being able to live an independent and active life. One of the most central features of any service for seniors is reliability. Sprint has a long history of providing dependable service nationwide.

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They are easily recognized by many as a leader in the cellular industry. Other features that are important to seniors include ease of use and affordability.

Ease of use depends on the abilities of each individual and the device that they choose. As far as affordability goes, older adults are often retired and living on a fixed income. For cellular service to be feasible, it must fit within that budget and not cause undue stress on the delicate finances of seniors. The plan requires a credit check that will determine many of these costs.

Furthermore, the monthly service plan price does not include taxes, surcharges, and roaming fees so these costs are also incurred. Before you go, though, you'll want to consult with Sprint to get a sense of how much the company will charge you for calling and data while you're away. Charges will vary by country.


Sprint Cell Phone Plans Review

However, Sprint is limiting its mobile hotspot speeds to 3G, so don't get too excited. Sorry, but no. So if you're already a Sprint customer, over 55, and want to continue to use the service, this plan isn't available to you. The only phones eligible for the program are those you lease from Sprint, ones you purchase and pay for in monthly installments, ones you already own and are compatible on Sprint's network, or were purchased at full price. So, whether you want an iPhone X or a cheap Motorola handset, as long as the device fits into one of those four categories, you'll be all set.

Like Sprint's deal, you'll get unlimited talk, text and data. T-Mobile's plan offers roaming in up to countries and territories and includes free in-flight texting and data with Gogo wireless.