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However, controllers like the older Kinect won't work on the Xbox One, so you'll need to buy a replacement racing wheel or flight stick if you want to get the full gaming experience. On the other hand, all of your achievements unlocked on the will be present on the Xbox One. You may also see listings for a Microsoft Game Pass when browsing the hotukdeals listings.

This is a really useful purchase for many gamers, but it won't necessarily be a great buy for everyone. The Game Pass provides access to a library of free games which changes on a monthly basis. So it's an appealing buy for serious Xbox fans. Of course, nothing good in life comes for free. This lets you get a feel for what's on offer. But remember, you'll need to manually cancel the trial before the month is out, or you'll be charged for the next month at the standard rate.

When you give it a try, you'll probably be impressed by the choice available, and you may well like prior access to current releases. But if you aren't going to make regular purchases or try the free titles on Xbox Live, the pass isn't essential. You can end up paying for a subscription that delivers very few benefits, so take that into account before buying. The Xbox console series has benefited from some stellar gaming franchises, which continue to receive exciting editions on the X Box One and X.

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Here are a few standouts that have cult followings, and are exclusive to the Xbox family:. Halo — When the first Xbox console arrived in , Halo was one of the most impressive launch titles. A 3D shooter, it demonstrated the cutting edge visuals of Microsoft's console and has been joined by numerous sequels. While there hasn't been another addition since 's Halo Wars 2, Microsoft has announced that Halo Infinite will be appearing soon — and should make full use of the Xbox One X's processing power.

Forza — One of the most popular racing franchises around, Forza lets you get behind the wheel of the world's fastest cars, across huge in-game maps. The Motorsport series focuses on track-based racing, while the Horizon sub-family lets you roam more freely and interact with other characters. The latest edition is Forza Horizon 4 , released in Gears of War — Created by Epic Games, Gears of War has been delivering post-apocalyptic sci-fi shooting action since , and it just gets better.

State of Decay — If you love zombie movies, you'll definitely get into the State of Decay series. Created by Undead Labs for Microsoft Studios, the games feature a life or death struggle with hordes of undead marauders.

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Based around survival and teamwork as much as combat, it offers an immersive balance of action and strategy. Check out the latest title, State of Decay 2, which arrived in If you aren't sure how to choose your next Xbox gaming purchase, it's a good idea to focus your search based on different genres styles of games.

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Here are the main options, with some standout titles to consider:. First person shooters — Probably the most well-represented genre on the Xbox, FPS games place you in the head of characters as they battle it out through multiple quests. Environments vary dramatically, from superhero settings to the ancient world, or sci-fi wastelands, but most are adult-oriented, so remember that when buying for youngsters.

Multiplayer shooters — This is really a sub-genre of FPS shooters, but it deserves its own consideration, because not all FPS games have multiplayer available. In these games, players take on other players, often in team-based setups for in-game rewards. Fortnite is probably the most popular example, but other winners include Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Call of Duty. Football — The processing power of the Xbox One is ideally suited to creating realistic football experiences although not too realistic — you can still win if you want , and there are only really a couple of options here.

FIFA continues to attract a huge following, with its official player names, trading cards, career mode and — of course — multiplayer action. Pro Evolution Soccer PES is the major alternative and does a pretty good job at recreating elite football. Role playing games — RPGs let you follow epic quests and build characters along the way — and the Xbox has plenty to choose from.

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The Elder Scrolls Series conjures up a magical and vast world to explore, where you can battle dragons or live a peaceful farming lifestyle. You can also explore the depths of space with titles like Mass Effect. Racing - As we mentioned earlier, the Forza Motorsport and Horizon series are fantastic racing games, but they aren't the only options for adrenaline junkies.

Other highly rated racers include F1 , which ratchets up the realism and lets you challenge for the title, as well as DIRT Rally 2. Strategy — If you want to plot meticulous military strategies, or build civilisations, the Xbox offers ways to do so. Banner Saga combines imaginative fantasy visuals with engrossing world building, while low budget titles like Wargroove keep things simple with turn-based fighting.

Kingdom: New Lands is a retro-flavoured gem, putting you in the role of a Queen as she seeks to protect her kingdom from a host of enemies.

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Puzzle — If you want to give your brain cells a workout, the Xbox One offers plenty of excellent puzzlers. Platformers — The Xbox One even has its fair share of retro-style platform games. These cute titles can often be perfect for younger players, but the finest of them have all-round appeal. For instance, don't miss the stunning Ori and the Blind Forest or the updated version of 90s classic Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey. And check out Rayman Legends, another reboot of a classic franchise.

Alternatively, you could just head for games that have attracted universal praise from the experts. This tends to be a fairly safe option, but always keep your own tastes in mind.

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That being said, you'll always find a good rundown of reviews at Metacritic's Xbox One listings. Be sure to filter for both press ratings and user ratings, as they can differ. What journalists rank as a classic can be a failure when it hits the mass market — and not all writers are totally impartial when giving out ratings.

So compare what they say with the actual experience of players.

Aside from that, handy resources include Games Radar , Trusted Reviews , and Gamespot — all of which have a solid track record at rating the latest titles. A fair number of Xbox titles involve levels themes that may not be appropriate for younger audiences. This gives you a reliable indication of whether the title you're thinking of purchasing is suitable for people aged 3, 7, 12, 16, or You should also find the PEGI rating in the hotukdeals listing.

Just Dance — Just Dance is the fun, kid-friendly title for anyone who likes to get down. This innovative title syncs up to most smartphones via its own app. With the app installed, players can record their dance moves to hundreds of tracks. The more moves they get right, the higher their score.

Zoo Tycoon — Educational and captivating, Zoo Tycoon lets kids create their very own zoo park.

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Giving useful feedback about animal conservation and featuring a beautiful interface, this sandbox title also comes with a fun multiplayer feature, letting youngsters cooperate as they learn about the natural world. Minecraft — Finally, you've probably heard of Minecraft if you're looking after a young gamer. The Xbox One has its own edition which hooks up to global multiplayer servers and provides the whole, unique, Minecraft experience. When it comes to purchasing your console, why not build a games collection from Day 1 by choosing an Xbox One bundle.

Xbox consoles come in a huge variety of bundles, which feature the console, one or more controllers, documentation, and your choice of games.

Examples of popular bundles include the Minecraft Creators Box, which tends to come with the game and a trove of 1, Minecoins to get you started. Buying the Forza Horizon bundle means you get your console with one of the finest racing games around out of the box. Be sure to watch out for bundles featuring multiple titles. You could grab up to 4 big games with your console, potentially resulting in big savings. The Xbox One and its different variants have a massive gaming library.

In fact, Wikipedia lists almost 2, different commercial releases for the console — and many of them are unmissable gaming experiences. So how can you try as many as possible for the lowest price? To start with, serious gamers will want to invest in a Game Pass. That way, they can play betas, as well as a monthly selection of free titles. Member discounts for the newest releases are also available. If you're a newcomer to the Xbox One, it also makes sense to look at bundles featuring games that you or your family would like to play. That way, you can get a head start when building a collection.

Or you might not want to build a collection at all. The most cost-effective way to try Xbox games is often to trade in titles when you're done with them or buy pre-owned versions of others. However, if you're just searching for major release, hotukdeals should be the first place to look.

When a game comes out, you'll find unbeatable prices, but check for pre-orders, too. They can often be the most sensible way to save money and pick up added extras for the games you love. Finally, time your purchases to make savings. FIFA offers may appear as major football events approach and at the start of each season , while titles in general become cheaper as they age. So if you wait a few months, you can cut the cost of enjoying Xbox games. Deal temperatures are the heart of hotukdeals If you think a deal is hot, vote it up by clicking the red plus.

Otherwise, cool it down by voting cold. Read what other members have to say about a deal and share your own opinion. Have you found a good deal yourself? Share it here and other members will vote on how hot the deal is. Find here other ways to view the deals.

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